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Head Massage

Originating from ancient India, head massage is a technique of Ayurvedic medicine that involves gently massaging the scalp, neck and face. This massage technique is appreciated for its numerous benefits.

The benefits of head massage

The benefits of head massage are numerous. First of all, it can help reduce stress and anxiety. The slow and gentle movements of the massage can help calm the mind and relieve tension, while improving blood circulation. In addition, head massage can help relieve headaches and improve sleep quality.

How does a head massage session proceed

During the session, the client is sitting or lying on a massage table. The therapist works using soft and repetitive movements to help calm the mind and relieve tension. The experience of the session can be very relaxing and soothing, with clients often feeling more relaxed and refreshed after the session. The treatment can last between 60 and 180 minutes, depending on client preferences.

60 min: 700฿ / 90 min: 900฿ / 120 min: 1100฿ / 180 min: 1500฿