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Foot Massage

The foot massage is a therapeutic massage technique that comes from traditional Chinese medicine. It is a therapeutic method that involves applying pressure with the fingers on the reflex zones of the feet.

The benefits of foot massage

Foot massage helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote relaxation. It can also help balance the body’s energies and strengthen the immune system. This treatment is particularly effective in relieving sleep problems, chronic pain, and muscular tension.

How does a foot massage session proceed

The massage starts with a gentle massage of the feet to relax the muscles before moving to more firm movements, such as pressure on the reflex zones. The reflex zones are precise points located on the soles of the feet that correspond to every organ in the body. By stimulating these points, the therapist can help relieve pain and tension throughout the body. The treatment can last between 60 and 180 minutes, depending on client preferences.

60 min: 700฿ / 90 min: 900฿ / 120 min: 1100฿ / 180 min: 1500฿