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Coconut Oil Massage

The coconut oil massage is a therapeutic massage method that uses coconut oil to relieve muscle tension and pain. Coconut oil is renowned for its moisturizing and nourishing properties for the skin.

The benefits of coconut oil massage

Coconut oil massage is known for its relaxing effects. The pleasant and soothing fragrance of coconut oil can help reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps to deeply moisturize the skin, which can contribute to improving skin quality.

How does a coconut oil massage session proceed

A coconut oil massage session usually begins with an analysis of the client’s body and preferences by the therapist. The therapist usually starts by massaging the lower limbs of the client, using slow and repetitive movements to help relax the muscles. She then continues by massaging the upper limbs and back, adjusting the pressure and intensity according to the client’s preferences. The treatment can last between 60 and 180 minutes.

60 min: 1100฿ / 90 min: 1400฿ / 120 min: 1700฿ / 180 min: 2300฿